[Translate to spanish:] TECOLINE - Proven quality on all edges

[Translate to spanish:] TECOLINE is an endless single-layer edgebanding from BauschLinnemann with a surface finish, supplied in rolls. Made from nonfading, specially-formulated papers, they can be perfectly matched, where required, to the TECOFOIL surface foils in solid colours or printed with woodgrain or fancy designs and impregnated with duroplastic resins.

Selected, environmental-friendly lacquering systems are available for the surface, as well as a variety of mechanical or chemical embossing options. The designs also include solutions to match genuine wood veneers and other surface systems.

[Translate to spanish:] TECOLINE P

[Translate to spanish:] TECOLINE P is an endless single-layer edgebanding with a surface finish for coating straight surfaces.

[Translate to spanish:] TECOLINE S

[Translate to spanish:] TECOLINE S is a softforming edgebanding with a surface finish for coating softforming profiles, including those with narrow radii, supplied in rolls.

[Translate to spanish:] TECOLINE F

[Translate to spanish:] TECOLINE F is an edgebanding which can be bent at right angles for edging door rebates.

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